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Healing Heads


On November 19, 2023, the Healing Heads: Closing symposium event took place. The event featured a blend of themes from our Healing Heads week (in collaboration with CHIMES vzw Gent and Leuven). Participants enjoyed unique workshops and interactive lectures covering ENT, neurology, dermatology and ophthalmology.

Attendees had the opportunity to practice their skills on the Eyesi, expand their ophthalmic knowledge, learn about the future of plastic surgery and explore emerging technologies in plastic surgery during the Reyu Workshop. Furthermore, participants were able to refine their microscopic surgical skills during the Zeiss workshop. Finally, students delved into the world of ENT and dermatology, gaining valuable insights.

Special thanks to Dr. med. Ilan Karavani, Dr. Tom Vauterin, Dr. Johan Blanckaert, Dr. Els De Leenheer, Alexandre G. Lellouch M.D, PhD. and ZEISS Medical Technology for the very engaging lectures and workshops. We also extend gratitude to CHIMES vzw Gent and CHIMES vzw Leuven for the pleasant collaboration.

All proceeds from this event were donated to the charitable organization Tapori VZW. Thanks to all participants for their contributions and we look forward to seeing you again next semester at our upcoming events.

Kind regards,
Junior ORSI

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