Junior Orsi Academy

Our Board

These 14 motivated and driven students are making it their mission to allow every Junior Orsi track to be a success. Their goal is to provide you with a platform to get to know about healthcare innovation, as well as to be involved with a community of students with different educational backgrounds. They believe that you are the future of innovation and that sharing knowledge across disciplines is a necessity.

Heloïse Brackenier


I love being continuously surprised by all the different facets of innovation in healthcare and its challenges. Uniting students with the same interest to get to know each other, discuss, debate, look for solutions together, learn from one another and even get hands-on training is what makes Junior Orsi so unique.


Meret Demuynck


Junior Orsi brings students together by organizing events. It gives an opportunity to connect, to expand knowledge and to develop skills. Collaborating with like-minded friends is the perfect combination of my passion for innovative medicine and pleasure.



Gust Vandecandelaere


Orsi is the embodiment that bridges the gap between healthcare and innovation. To help shape the future of medicine with like-minded individuals, is a dream come true.



Kenzo Mestdagh


My passion for innovation and sharing this passion with my fellow students led me to join Junior Orsi. My goal is to bring together students from different backgrounds, introduce them to innovation and learn together through interesting events, workshops and lectures.


Edward Mattelaer


Through my passion for innovative medicine, I found a gateway to the world of possibilities in Orsi. This dynamic community of like-minded students will provide me with the unique opportunities to learn, collaborate, and connect with experienced professionals in the field. To help other student broadening their minds outside of the universitys courses, will be a true journey for me.

Benoît Trap


Stimulating students to look beyond a
university’s walls to get inspired by ambitious, entrepreneurial and visionary
stories while having a good time in a group of like-minded peers. For me, this
sums up the true power of Junior Orsi.

Raphaël Gysel


I’ve always been interested in “how things work”. As the medical world becomes more complex and intertwined with the engineering world, Junior Orsi encourages me to keep understandig what we aren’t taught in medschool but in my opinion keeps getting more important.

Amélie Vansteenkiste


Thanks to the Junior Orsi events I got inspired by lectures from different doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers etc. Their insights into their goals, career journeys and thoughts motivated me. Further, I became acquainted with the ever-evolving landscape of innovation. I am certain that the evolution of new technologies will significantly shape the future landscape of every industry. We, The Junior Orsi board, have a mission to bring together enthusiastic students and immerse them in the dynamic world of medical innovation. Junior Orsi has changed my medical perspective, that is why I am convinced that every student would benefit from attending Junior Orsi events.

Gauthier Gernay


With joining Junior Orsi, I had the chance to increase my knowledge of innovation in healthcare and to develop my surgical teaching skills, but above all it’s a group of friends.

Judith Adriaenssens


Being someone who is attracted by new encounters and experiences, Junior Orsi will help me broaden my horizons by meeting like-minded people, organizing events and learning more about innovative and robotic surgery. Junior Orsi gives me the opportunity to expand this knowledge and also pass this value to my fellow students. 

Charline Adriaens


Thanks to Junior Orsi, I get the opportunity to meet like-minded students who share my drive to learn more about innovative medicine as a team. It is great to both enhance my medical knowledge and collaborate with a team of friends by organizing events through this dynamic platform.

Charlotte Verstraete


While combining healthcare and innovation, Junior Orsi finds itself at the center of the future of medicine. To be a part of this team, is an incredible opportunity to expand my knowledge and skills as well as connect with like-minded students.  

Charlotte Van der Biest


Junior Orsi to me is a unique opportunity. An opportunity to connect with like-minded students. An opportunity to start developing skills and gaining knowledge. An opportunity to discuss the possibilities of tomorrow with the experts of today. 

Victoria De Crem


Junior Orsi is a place where all kinds of students can get a taste of the future. Bringing these students together through multiple events to discuss and learn about innovative techniques and equipment is an amazing opportunity.

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