Junior Orsi Academy

Why should you apply?

Are you prepared to engage in an experience that will enhance your leadership capabilities, broaden your understanding of both medical and technological fields, and refine your soft skills? Are you open to embracing a new extracurricular endeavor with a minimal commitment of 2 years? If you are a dedicated individual ready to invest time and effort into Junior Orsi, we encourage you to join our team. Be a valuable member of a team that not only works together but grows together.
Don’t hesitate, apply at our next application session and become a part of our team! 

For the board of 2024-2025: The application round will be in March 2024.


Application procedure

The procedure consists of three rounds during which personal fit, motivation and function-specific competences will be assessed. However, our expectations vary depending on the background of the applicant, as we encourage students from all degrees and years to apply.

Round 1: Submit your motivation letter (max 1 A4) and CV
Round 2: A 20-minute interview with current board members, featuring standardised questions, will be conducted. 
Round 3: The selected participants will have a 20-minute phone call with a Junior Orsi alumnus and a final review will be done by the Orsi Academy Board of Directors. 


Let us know what you'd like to talk about.