Junior Orsi Academy

Orthopedics: Innovation in methods materials

On the 8th of March dedicatied our 3rd medical event to orthopedic surgery. In this event we collaborated with Arthrex to let our members explore the field of knee arthroscopy. Everyone had the chance to try the newest materials in orthopedic surgery with a clinical workshop by Arthrex. Furthermore they learned the recent developments in sport lesions and knee injuries during a lecture by prof. Steven Claes.
It was a very interesting evening for everyone with a keen interest in orthopedics or just innovative surgery in general.
We’d like to thank Arthrex for the collaboration and Prof. Dr. Claes for the interesting lecture.
We hope to see you again at Orsi!

Team Medical (Gauthier Gernay, Charlotte Van der Biest, Louise Wittouck) and the entire Junior Orsi Board

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