Junior Orsi Academy

Junior Orsi Congress 2023: TOPDOKTERS

ūüĒłūüĒĻ Junior Orsi Congress 2023: TOPDOKTERSūüĒĻūüĒł

We look back with satisfaction on our opening event of the second semester which took place on Saturday 18/02

With a focus on innovation in surgery, we invited several medical specialists who gave a more in-depth view of the pending innovations within their field of expertise.

We had the honor to welcome these Topdokters!
Prof. Dr. Ilse Degreef, expert in orthopedics talked about hand surgery and Dupuytren Disease in particular. Besides this, she also gave a workshop along with ZEISS Medical Technology and Olympus Corporation on microsurgery, with intruments from Aleamed.
Ophthalmologist, Prof. Dr. Peter Stalmans gave a clear overview of his professional interests in vitreoretinal surgery, surgical instrument and device development, artificial vision, robotic eye surgery, 3D digital surgery and pharmacological vitreolysis.

Prof Dr. Jan Deprest, director of the Leuven Fetal Medicine Team, gave a very interesting lecture about his research in congenital diaphragmatic hernia, spina bifida occulta and monochorionic twin placentas
Prof Dr. Moreels gave us a passionate lecture about his insights into his career as a surgeon in developing countries and war areas.
Prof. Dr. Diethard Monbaliu, MD, PhD expert in abdominal transplant surgery, talked about the principles of liver transplantation.
We also had the pleasure to welcome Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie on this day, the founder and chairman of Orsi Academy.

Besides this, some workshops were organized to improve the technical skills of our participants. A workshop by Organ Recovery Systems about how prelevated kidneys, through machine preservation with the Lifeport Kidney Transporter, can be transplanted with higher quality.
We also had the pleasure to coöperatie with CHIMES vzw Ghent for a suturing workshop.
We are grateful for the great attendance and enthusiasm!
Special thanks to our foodtruck Ritorno !

See you next year!

Team congress (Charlotte Verstraete,¬†Gust Vandecandelaere,¬†Louise Callens,¬†Beno√ģt Trap,¬†Charlotte Van der Biest¬†and¬†Helo√Įse Brackenier) and the Junior Orsi board.

Let us know what you'd like to talk about.