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Surgery of Tomorrow

We look back with satisfaction on our closing event of the medical track – Surgery of Tomorrow – which took place on Saturday 30/4.

With a focus on innovation in surgery, we invited several medical specialists who gave a more in depth view of the pending innovations within their field of expertise.

We had the honor to welcome Prof Dr Jan Vranckx expert in plastic surgery, he talked about the future of plastic & reconstructive surgery. Urologist Dr. Peter Schatteman gave a clear overview of the innovation in BPO surgery. Dr. Guy Sallet, ophthalmologist, gave an interesting lecture about high tech evolution in eye surgery. Prof Dr Olivier Verborgt MD, PhD , expert in orthopedics, gave a clear presentation about navigation and robotics in shoulder arthroplasty. Dr. Dina De Bock expert in cardiosurgery, gave an overview of some of the new insights in mitral valve repair. Abdominal surgeon Dr. Mathias Allaeys demonstrated the use of the robot in abdominal wall surgery. Dr. Pieter De Backer, expert in the use of artificial intelligence in surgery, talked about the principles and advantages. We ended the day with a lecture by dr. Geert Vandenbroucke, co-founder and chairman of Orsi Academy.

Besides these lectures, several workshops were organized to improve the technical skills of our participants. A robotic course was given by urologist Charles Van Praet and residents in urology, Pieter De Backer en Dries Develtere Dr. Dina De Bock and Marvin Fillet gave an impressive workshop about mitral valve repair. Johnson & Johnson provided us with Simendo laparoscopy simulations, this workshop was guided by Suzanne Fischer (general surgery resident) and Diane Baylé of J&J.

We are grateful for the great attendance and the enthusiasm!

See you next year!

Medical team: Charlotte Allaeys and Anton Moorees

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