Junior Orsi Academy

Workshop Ophthalmology

On the 12th of March, Junior Orsi had the honour to be welcomed at a hands-on Ophthalmology workshop organised with the Ophthalmology Department of UZ Leuven. After an introduction and guided tour of the Ophthalmology department, there were 5 hands-on workshops.

Station 1: 3D Microscope and digital Irisregistration

Station 2: Intravitreal injections

Stations 3: Eyesi simulator

Station 4: Fundoscopy simulator

Station 5: Microscopic suturing task

A special thanks to prof. dr. Casteels, dr. Delbeke and the Ophthalmology Department of UZ Leuven for this wonderful and inspiring opportunity!

Organisers: Laura Langhendries and Heloïse Brackenier

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