Junior Orsi Academy

Pediatric Urology Week

CHIMES vzw Gent and Junior Orsi joined forces this year and came up with a new concept: The Pediatric Urology Week.

For the benefit the Gianni Eggermont Fund we organised a full week of workshops, lectures and testimonies on the theme of ‘pediatric and reconstructive urology’.

We are proud to give €1500 to the Gianni Eggermont Fund.

The weekplanning was as follows:

*Monday 22/11:Welcome reception, introduction of the week and the Gianni Eggermont fund at Ghent University Hospital.

*Tuesday 23/11:The traditional suturing workshop, organised by Chimes Gent at Ghent University Hospital (UZ Gent).

*Wednesday 24/11:Videosurgery with live commentary by Prof. Dr. Spinoit at Ghent UZ.

*Thursday 25/11:Hands-on workshop urological skills (cytoscopy, ultrasound & sondage) at UZ Gent.

*Saturday 27/11:Full day at Orsi Academy

We started with a panel discussion about the ethical aspects of reconstructive surgery with prof. dr. Anne-Françoise Spinoit, prof. dr. Piet HoebekeEline Maesschalck Cornand, dr. Pieter Cannoot, and dr. Geert De Naeyer.

We continued the day with minimally invasive surgery workshops:

– Robotic surgery workshop I: Chicken anastomosis

– Laparoscopic Workshop I: Laparoscopic knotting

– Laparoscopic Workshop II: Pyeloplasty

Thanks to dr. Mieke Waterschoot, dr. Charles Van Praet, dr. Camille Berquin, dr. Van Parys and dr. Caroline Jamaer for guiding the workshops.

A special thanks to prof. dr. Anne-Françoise SpinoitUZ Gent and Orsi Academy for this unforgettable Pediatric Urology Week.

Let us know what you'd like to talk about.