Junior Orsi Academy

Virtual Surgery Intelligence & Cone-Beam CT

Wednesday the 6th of October Junior Orsi organised an event about VSI and Cone-Beam CT at Orsi Academy in Melle. We had the pleasure to welcome 60 enthusiastic dental students who came from the UGent as well as the KUL and are interested in innovations in dentistry.
This event wouldn’t have been possible without them and the experts who joined us:

– Dentist Dirk Neefs who introduced us to VSI (Virtual Surgery Intelligence) and even let us try the Microsoft HoloLens.

– Endodontist Diedrik Storme and periodontist Parodontoloog & Implantoloog Maarten Glibert who talked about Cone-Beam CT and the applications of this 3D radiography in their own disciplines.

We would like to thank all the students and speakers for making this event the perfect start of our new Junior Orsi Dentistry year and would like to thank Orsi Academy for its support.

We hope to see you again soon!

The Junior Orsi Board

Junior Orsi Head-organizers: Paul-Henry Casselman, Jannis Trimpeneers, Lander Matthijs and Manon Tytgat

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