Junior Orsi Academy

Kick-Off 2021-2022

Past Saturday, Junior Orsi kick-started its new innovative year.  This annual event is a gathering for students from different educational backgrounds where we try to inspire and trigger them to be at the front of innovation in healthcare and join us for the upcoming yearWe had the pleasure to welcome 150 students. They had the chance to follow different lectures and initiation-workhops.  This event wouldn’t have been possible without the experts who joined us:

  • Prof. mommaerts who gave lectures about CAD skills and entrepreneurship in healthcare
  • Prof. Spinoit, Prof. Buncamper who enlighted the topic of gender affirmation surgery
  • Prof. Vasquez Quintero who inspired with the ground breaking artificial iris technology
  • Marius Declerck who triggerd the interest for health care digitalisation
  • Dr. Verheyden who gave us insights into the new miniaturised Micra pacemaker technology
  • A round table conversation about the future of hospital financing with Dr. Geert Vandenbroucke, Stefaan Van den brouck, Sarah Misplon, Margot Cloet, Ilke Montag en Marc Van Uytven.
  • An introduction course of echography sponsored by Philips healthcare
  • An introduction course of laparoscopy
  • An introduction course hosted by Chimes nationaal

The guests had different educational backgrounds and different universities which made the interaction even more interesting.We had a lot of positive feedback that encourages us to keep doing our best at organizing interesting and innovative events.We would like to thank all the students and speakers for making this event the perfect start of our new Junior Orsi year. We would like to thank Orsi Academy for their support.We hope to see you soon!

Junior Orsi Head-organizers: Laura LanghendriesPaul-Henry Casselman en Mathieu Claes

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