Junior Orsi Academy

Develop your skill 2021

On the 20th of March, Junior Orsi facilitated a COVID-proof medical event. It was of the utmost importance that when all possible safety measures were undertaken.

Students in small groups got an introductory workshop into Laparoscopic surgery and Robotic surgery. The basics of both minimally invasive surgery types are essential knowledge and skills for any student in/starting their internships.

These workshops were given by professionals: the laparoscopic course was given by Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees and the introductory course on robotic surgery by the fellows of Orsi Academy.

The goal of this workshop was to motivate medical students to expand their knowledge of innovative techniques and to be driven to acquire new skills.

We thank the fellows of Orsi Academy and Belgian Association of Surgical Trainees for their efforts and help. We thank all participants for following all set COVID-Regulations.

Medical Team
Louise CallensLaura LanghendriesMaxime LasseelEva DonckMaxim RousseauCharlotte AllaeysAnton MooreesHendrik CornetteHenri Van Eecke

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