Junior Orsi Academy

The future of artificial intelligence in healthcare

On 11/3/21, the Engineering Team of Junior ORSI held their 2nd workshop of 2021. 15 students had the chance to follow the event live on ORSI Academy.

We had the opportunity to invite ‘Joan Van Loon ’ from IBM to talk about artificial intelligence in general, the difference between machine learning and deep learning and he shared his view regarding the role of artificial intelligence in our future healthcare. Next, Pieter De Backer of ORSI Innotech gave a theoretical explanation about neural networks and talked about the current research and implementation of AI in robotic surgery. To end the evening, Stephane Willaert of Robovision gave an insight in the detection of COVID-19 on CT-scan with the use of AI.

At the end, we can agree that AI will not replace the physician in the future, but instead it will only empower the physician leading to a better patient-centered health care

Thanks a lot to our speakers: Joan Van Loon, Pieter De Backer and Stephane Willaert; for organizing this amazing and inspiring event and sharing their knowledge.

The engineering team.

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