Junior Orsi Academy

Invisalign: a critical view

At the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021, Junior Orsi was contacted by four highly motivated students (Paul-Henry CasselmanManon Tytgat, @LanderMatthijs, @JannisTrimpeneers) with the initiative to expand Junior Orsi’s scoop to include the evolution and innovation within dentistry.

On the 6th of March, we held our very first dentistry event on the topic of Invisalign. During this event, Invisalign treatment was compared to the classical brackets. We had the pleasure to welcome 120 enthusiastic students to our online webinar about Invisalign. A lot of questions were addressed during this lecture. We enjoyed the interaction between and input of the attending students and the experts.

A big Thank you to Orsi AcademyCharlotte Van ElstAlexandre Verheyleweghen, the Junior Orsi dentistry team and all the interested participants for making this online event a success!

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