Junior Orsi Academy

AR & VR in Healthcare


On 17/02 & 24/02, we had the chance to organize workshops about the state of the art of AR and VR in Healthcare.

In the 1st session, we had the opportunity to invite Bert Hoorne from Microsoft to talk about uses cases of AR, VR and mixed reality. He introduced the SARA project and a use case where the Microsoft HoloLens was used to protect doctors while providing patient care amid COVID pandemics. Our 2nd speaker was Dirk Neefs. He is a Dentist and a member of the apoQlar advisory board. During his presentation, he introduced Vision Surgery Intelligence and how its use in Oral surgery & surgery planning.

During 2nd workshop (the first physical session in a long time) Ward Peeters from Lifelike, gave us an in-depth overview of the SARA project & other applications for the HoloLens. He brought the HoloLens 1 & 2 with him so we could have a hands-on experience.

Thanks a lot to our speakers: Ward PeetersBert HoorneDirk Neefs; for sharing their knowledge and Maarten Van Gorp from BlueHealth Innovation Center for supporting Junior Orsi in organising these events.

We are looking forward to the ground-breaking improvements AR and VR will have in Healthcare.


Engineering team

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