Junior Orsi Academy

Congress 2021 “Changing Perspectives”

To kick off a new semester of Junior Orsi Academy, Junior Orsi hosts its annual ‘Congress 2021″. This year our event had a specific theme “Changing Perspectives.

Because of COVID-19, an online alternative had to be arranged. We chose a new concept instead of sitting behind your screen for a day to not miss a thing. During the week of the 8th till the 13th of March, we released one or two readings/workshops every day.  This ensured that participants could watch it immediately or at a time that fitted them best.

We had an impressive line up of speeches to trigger students to be their best self, concerning multiple topics for everybody with a keen interest in innovation in medicine, engineering and entrepreneurship.

Our professionals during this online event were:

  • Professor Dr. Ir. Damya Laoui ; she and her team at CRIG are developing a personalised vaccine that will be able to cure cancer. She also spoke about women in science and how we could inspire each other to be role models.
  • Professor Sarah Baatout; In her speech, she took us on her trip to Antarctica, to the Moon and even to Mars. She talked about her research on the effects of human space exploration on the human body and its relation to innovation in medicine.
  •  Annette Caenen is a civil and biomedical engineer. In her presentation, she talked us through a new medical imaging technique: Cardiac shear wave elastography.
  • Chimes Leuven: who gave an online workshop where participants could practice and perfect their suturing skills.
  • Doctor Siska Van Bruwaene‘s motivational speech was a must-watch if you are a medical student feeling the pressure of deciding what to do in life. As a robotic urologist, she addressed her motive to study medicine, her experience in medicine and gave us some life lessons.
  •  Danielle 🥦 Verhulst, the founder of Djar. She talked about turning a concept into a company, partnerships, and the future of Djar.
  • Professor Charlotte Debbaut and PhD student Saar Vermijs lectured about their research which focuses on organ perfusion and locoregional treatment. For example, transarterial therapies for liver cancer and intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

Congress team:

Louise CallensClaire Van den Broecke

Lore Van SchepdaelCharlotte Allaeys

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