Junior Orsi Academy

MedTech Convention

On the 3/11/21, we organized our very first MedTech Convention together with AFT Leuven.

This event is grown out of a collaboration between Academics for Technology and Junior Orsi. Both organisations see a particular need for innovation in the healthcare sector. It is therefore important to build the bridge between engineers, clinicians and scientists.

AFT Leuven&Junior Orsi Academy joined forces to motivate students to work/think cross-facultative. The synergy between engineering and medicine is key for better healthcare as Prof. Vander Sloten said.

The event consisted of a convention with four keynote speakers, followed by an expo where students could interact with our sponsors

Over 330 eager students with more than 10 different educational backgrounds registered to be inspired by Isabelle FrancoisJohan FornierInge HaesaertsDirk SmeetsJos Vander Sloten; our keynote speakers. We thank them for contributing to make this event a success.

We thank our sponsors; without them, this event wouldn’t have been possible: MedtronicBarco, Vlerick Business School, icometrix. We are grateful for the support of Orsi Academy.

Be safe!

Organisation: AFT LeuvenMaximeLauraFelix
Team: AFT, Antoine Vandendriessche, Caroline Boelhouwer, Maxim

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