Junior Orsi Academy

Robotic Olympic Games 2019

At the end of 2019, Junior Orsi hosted here very first medical workshop.

It was an excellent collaboration of two progressive organizations: Junior Orsi and Chimes Gent.

The evening was consisted of two workshops.

The first was “Robotic Olympic Games” where students received an introduction to the Da Vinci robot and were shown some VR tasks on the robot. This workshop was finalized with a friendly competition based on their scores on the different VR tasks. This workshop was intended to spark the medical students interest in Robotic Surgery in a fun and motivating way.

The second workshop was hosted by Chimes Gent. They gave a workshop on basic and more advanced suturing techniques. They organizes these workshop for students to improve and elaborate their surgical skills.

We are happy to conclude that the first medical event of Junior Orsi was a great success.

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