Junior Orsi Academy

Kick-Off 2019

At the beginning of each academic year, Junior Orsi organizes it’s Junior Orsi kick-off event!

This Kick-Off Event is the opening-event of Junior Orsi. It opens a new year filled with all kinds of activities: Hackathon, Career day, Company visits, Congress,…

During our Kick-Off event of 2019 we invited everyone with a keen interest in innovation and medical technology. Not only medical students, also engineers, economists or any biomedical student interested in ground-breaking technologies and inventions in the medical world.

Interdisciplinarity is a necessity to maintain a wide perspective.

During the kick-off, Junior Orsi elaborates on who we are and what Junior Orsi holds in store for the upcoming year.

We also invited several guest speakers like Dr Fanny Nerinckx (lecture “bionic eye helps the blind see again”), Relu.eu (lecture “how AI improves healthcare”), Jan Vanheyden (lecture “bringing AI to the brain”)….

Several workshops were hosted: TechWolf (“how to start a start up”), Orsi Academy (“Get busy with Da Vinci”), Filip De Craemer (workshop “Time management”), Chimes (workshop “suturing”), prof. Van  Criekinge (workshop “biodata”)…

During the Kick-Off events, Junior Orsi makes sure there is always enough space and time for easy, low-key networking with like-minded students from different educational background to spark possible new idea’s and innovation. Getting to know students with an other academic view on topics, is a key-aspect of these events. We want to form a bridge between all kinds of students, but also close the gap between students and professionals.

There is no better way to kick-start your academic year.

We are looking forward to it and we hope to welcome you on one of them.

Junior Orsi

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