Junior Orsi Academy

Junior orsi KICK-OFF 2020

“KICK-OFF 2020.”

Last Saturday, the 3rd of October, Junior Orsi held their annual Kick-Off event. 80 students with different educational backgrounds were welcomed at the Orsi Academy for an afternoon of workshops, lectures and robotic initiation.

Due to COVID, our capacity was limited to 80 students as opposed to last year (over 200 students).
To keep it Corona-proof the students were divided into 4 groups with each group following another program. The four groups arrived each at a different time and they never crossed paths. Upon arrival, all COVID-measurements were explained. The wearing of face masks, disinfection of hands and social distancing were strictly supervised.

All the students had an introduction to the Da Vinci robots. CHIMES vzw gave two suturing workshops. An engineering workshop was held by Pieter De Backer. A research workshop by Zhen from LVSO and two lectures by Jorik Rombouts, CEO of Rombit and Waverlee Harvey and Julie Nys From Byteflies

We would like to thank all the speakers for their inspiring lectures and Orsi Academy for all their support.

At last, we would like all participants for their enthusiasm and their willingness to follow all COVID-measures strictly.

(Organising team: FelixEvaAnton)

Let us know what you'd like to talk about.